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Jul 16--EF@6- Dr Ben Schmitt & Alisa Muzergues

Jul 16--EF@6- Dr Ben Schmitt & Alisa Muzergues

Ukraine's path to the EU and up-date on energy war

On June 21st, Scott, the Transatlantic Crew and I spoke with Dr Ben Schmitt and Alisa Muzergues on EuroFile@6 Spaces on Twitter.

It was on the eve of Ukraine’s accession as candidate to the EU, and we discussed why it was an important step for Ukraine and for the European Union and what the next steps would be. We also discussed Russia’s weaponisaton of energy and Russia’s war in Ukraine—the current situation on the ground and future developments. Up front and center was also the grain crisis and Russia’s war crimes as well.

Extra Reading & news from Ukraine

Reminder— Day 141 Ukraine

Sumlenny, Can Putin afford that?

In Germany, the gas specter is going around. The big questions: does the Kremlin tyrant Vladimir Putin (69) turn the pipeline back on after the maintenance work? Or will the gas from Russia remain turned off for Germany? And: can Putin even afford not to supply us with gas anymore?

Ukraine expert Sergej Sumlenny explains in BILD: "Since Putin is losing the war, he has to achieve something that is driving the West into crisis".

Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine has changed the security assumptions in Europe and beyond. Finland and Sweden’s accession to NATO and Ukraine’s accession as candidate to the European Union were accellerated actions, necessary to shore up the security architecture of these nations in particular, but Europe and the Transatlantic relationship in particular.

Rescue Operations

The Main Directorate of Intelligence of Ukraine destroyed the prison of the Russian occupiers and took its prisoners to the free territory.

In the course of a special operation carried out by the special unit of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine in the temporarily occupied territories of the Kherson region, five citizens of Ukraine were released.

Braw, Putin Sacks Top Priest over Ukraine War

Vladimir Putin has sacked Metropolitan Hilarion, often described as the foreign minister of the Russian Orthodox church, and effectively its deputy head. Even if you’re not an ecclesiastical expert or even just an occasional watcher of the church, this personnel move really matters because the institution is a semi-official arm of the Putin regime.

Decode39, Your brief guide to the Italian government crisis

Prime Minister Mario Draghi announced his intention to step down after a coalition partner in his national unity government withheld support for a key bill. Here’s why it happened, what’s going on, and where do we go from here.

Energy Security—Canada and the turbines

As per CTV news, MPs are launching a full study and will be calling for key ministers and international officials to restify on the federal government’s contentious decision to grant a 2-year exemption to federal sanctions, allowing a Canadian company to return repaired turbines from a Russia-Germany natural gas pipeline.

Ben on Germany

Ben Schmitt explains why sending those turbines back to Germany has set a dangerous precedent.

Boot, Shorten the war. Send 60 HIMARS to Ukraine.

It has become commonplace to observe that Ukraine is mired in a “long war” — one that could last for years, according to NATO’s secretary general. That could well be correct. The war, after all, has already lasted nearly five months and continues to grind on. But I fear that by so readily accepting that there is no end in sight, we might be giving in to fatalism and defeatism. Instead of becoming resigned to a never-ending war, the West should be focusing on how to shorten the conflict by enabling Ukraine to win.

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