EuroFile is a project Scott Lucas and I started last year on Twitter Spaces.

We wanted to bring you a distinct European perspective to events in Europe and from around the world as they’re happening.

We’ll be developing this project by adding other content as well, and hope that it’s engaging, interesting and useful for you.

Who are we…

Interview with Professor Scott Lucas – CESRAN International

Scott Lucas became Professor of International Politics in 2014, having been on the staff of the University of Birmingham since 1989 and a Professor of American Studies since 1997.

Since 1979, he’s been a professional journalist and is also the founder and editor of EA WorldView, a leading website in daily news and analysis of Iran, Turkey, Syria, and the wider Middle East, as well as US foreign policy.

Monique Camarra is a researcher/analyst focusing especially on Russian capture, influence and information warfare in Italy and Europe, and how they affect geopolitical relations and security issues (kinetic-non-kinetic warfare) on the old Continent. She also teaches English and political communication at the Università degli Studi di Siena.

She is co-host of Kremlin File and EuroFile@6 podcast, and hosts an Italian show WTF on the LiberiOltre YouTube channel.

We’d like to thank Rosanne Cervi, senior researcher, for her continuing help.


About EuroFile@6…

Every Thursday at 6 pm CET, Scott and I are co-hosts to EuroFile@6 Spaces on Twitter. Every week we ask expert guests to talk about current issues of importance and our Transatlantic Crew is on hand to provide their comments and questions.

Meet our Transatlantic Crew: Nathalie Vogel, Natia Seskuria, Josh Manning and Livia Ponzio when they can step in. From time to time, a few other friends drop by as well.

We begin our Spaces with a Backstage (15 mins beforehand): as I’m waiting for Scott and our guests and panelists, I chatter on about the latest news and articles that you may be interested in reading.

Length of time: usually 1 hour 15 mins

Stay up-to-date

We’ve added new paid subscription plans.

Since we don’t want to barr anyone from reading, don’t worry about the subscription if you can’t at this time. Buonasera Mag and EuroFile@6 spaces recording will be available for free.

If you really feel like you’d like to help us out, sustain our work, which is dedicated to keeping democracy safe, and providing you with information that is continuously up-to-date, we would really appreciate your support. It also keeps me, Monique, stocked with coffee and toner.

We’re working hard every day to EuroFile and hope you appreciate our efforts.

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EuroFile discusses events on the continent and around the globe from a European perspective.


Academic/journalist/political analyst --- Professor Emeritus, University of Birmingham; Associate, Clinton Institute, University College Dublin; Founder-Editor, EA WorldView (eaworldview.com); Sometimes on your TV or radio